Saturday, February 13, 2010

First Philosophy - Final Philosophy

How did everything begin? What is everything? Why is there everything?

First philosophy is the first reference point upon which all knowledge rests. It is commonly referred to (in this world of cause-and-effect) as the First Cause. Our scientific methods of discovering truth do not work to find the answer here, for in science we always assume a reason why, a cause for a cause and so on, right up to the final question of first philosophy: what is the first cause? We are only used to revealing answers based on the preset laws of the universe, but why these laws, and why anything at all? How do you explain a first cause? If there is a first cause, what is the final cause? How can something come from nothing, or something become nothing?

Maybe you've given up trying to explain a first cause and believe there was no beginning - that all things are part of a recurring cycle of what always was... but made up of what? Things of this nature defy logic, because they cannot have any outside reason for existence, no cause other than itself, and yet must explain everything in existence all at once.

What explains and creates everything and is at the same time everything? A poor answer would be to say there is a limited number of core "building blocks" of which everything is made, and that these things always were. That does not nearly go far enough. That only explains (poorly and inconclusively) physical matter in this universe, not the forces which govern them, and why those forces.

In order to make a first principle make "sense" it must explain all elements within the system and itself, which is a very tall order. At this level we are not talking about rational explanations within a system with the rules already set up, but before the concept of a physical universe, matter, or logic itself - we are talking about something so abstract and "universal" it must contain all things in its scope - taking us to the realm of absolutes - black and white - all or nothing. The ONLY two things which explain themselves completely are "nothing and everything."

The only thing which creates and explains itself and makes sense as a first and final principle is the INFINITE.

Existence is a (limited) infinite, bound by reason. For anything to come together in a shared reality, there must be a balance, a beautiful exchange between all things. Existence itself is reason motivated by infinite change, spawning from infinite potential. The only true universal concept is the INFINITE.

It is natural to start out thinking only Infinite Consciousness could possibly make sense as a principle of first philosophy. But consciousness is not = to reason. Consciousness is subjective, experiential, biased in every way, thus Infinite Consciousness would not be a "person" like all of us, but a conglomerate of every possible conscious thought - there would be no center or self - it would be an infinite number of experiences - there is no perfection, only perfecting - it does not even make sense to call this thing a person at all when viewed as a complete whole. To be a person is to have a limited set of experiences and thoughts and be in a constant state of change - that is what forms a personality. This All-Consciousness would be a completely non-biased realm of All-Thought - only a part of the All-Possibility - thus it does not make sense to make a distinction like "All-Consciousness" - which is a small distinction within the INFINITE.

If there is LESS than infinite, there would need to be a completely arbitrary reason why there are only a limited number of things - not even fitting with randomness itself. It makes no sense to say this is the only universe with no explanation, an arbitrary mistake, the only thing which is not calculable. I don't think so. There is an answer to these questions, although we may NEVER get there through empirical science. We may never be able to comprehend true reality, the infinite ridiculousness. We are so far from it we call it non-reality. The only existence it has to us is in our minds - a relational truth, fake to our senses, true within thought.

From the smaller set of physical matter spawns the larger set of consciousness. Both of these are subsets of Existence or Reality (reasonable, limited, infinite). We (consciousness) can only ever be in relation to the concept of Existence, catching abstract glimpses of Reality, for our thoughts are limited by the physical matter it comes from. Reality itself (reasonable, limited, infinite) spawns from the ultimate explanatory principle: the INFINITE, which we cannot even fathom.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

At the Precipice of Self-Becoming

I stand at the precipice of self-becoming... I have stood here many times before. The wind issues its final warning, "Have you faith to make the leap?" To fly or fall, or not even make the leap at all. Am I ready to leap forward against the gravity of the world, of reality vs. dreams?

I have been here before. Last time I created the self I have now become, and now have reached the end of its cycle. I always know when a new cycle begins. With stunning clarity a new self vision emerges -- the strands all tie together in my mind as the information within self-organizes to a higher, more complex expression. And when this happens, I know I must change. My life must reflect.

By continually accepting new information and progressing thoughts, the information pattern of your mind itself will naturally self-organize into a higher more complex form. Simply being inspired by a greater self makes me greater, and pulls me towards its becoming.

So much has changed, yet so much stays the same. No matter how crazy and disjointed the path of my life becomes, it always feels, in moments like these, as if I am exactly where I need to be.

I must take the leap to a new self, built on the back of what I have become, the mountain I have climbed to get here, and adventure on a new path to another mountain of learning and self-becoming.

There is great power in Rebirth, or Destruction, which is just one part in the same process. Nothing is actually lost but everything must combust in order to shed bad habits and forge new ones.

See the self you have become, and relate it to the self you want to become. These two selves act as positioning points and goals to pull you forward. Once these two selves are established, the journey between the two selves begins, the adventurous self starts the long climb to a new becoming.

This is a journey I have made time and time again. I'm happy to be here. There is always such clarity in these moments. I know what I have to do. Time to take the leap.

The Laugh and The Roar

The two great gifts of evolution... the laugh and the roar.

The laugh -- Our great advantage in life is that we live it one moment at a time. In a single moment of laughter we forget our troubles and touch a divine perspective, a realm of pure peace, joy, and perfection. Laughter is ascension. It conquers any moment and allows us to overcome no matter what the odds. Laughter is the cure to anxiety, caused by the constant need for awareness to survive. This evolutionary cure inadvertently spawned perhaps the greatest aspect of our nature.

The beauty I see in "divine humor" is not just the affirmation of all moments, but an addition to every moment. A twist of cosmic irony in each moment not just being created good, but divinely perfect, so intertwined in the mysterious, glorious, infinite universe, it instills pure joy, laughter at the amazing complexity, laughter at the beauty in its complete necessity and ridiculousness. For a moment we touch and understand this perspective, and we may learn much from it.

The roar -- In our greatest moments of fear, pain, sadness, and lack of motivation indulge in another momentary overcoming, the roar, which connects us to our inner strength; our courage, passion, and unyielding spirit.

When we exert the full force of our body we get a sense of that limitless philosophy. Witness your self at full potential. Overcome anything in a single moment and hold on to the strength and philosophy of that feeling.

Out of fear and pain we learned to roar and laugh, which taught us to be courageous and joyous. We are a great race of overcoming and adaptation. Our greatest strength is in the feedback between our highest and lowest drives.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

A Case for Vegetarian Virtue

Having been a long-time omnivore with no regrets, I wanted to address the question of animal rights and vegetarians. Don't worry, I'm not going to strip for PETA or scream obscenities at you. To me this is a philosophical, rational, moral, social, and economic issue, with important ideas to work through and understand -- that is, if you want to be able to make a fully considered decision. Most people lack interest in rational evaluations, in questioning their own beliefs, or perhaps just do not know to be interested. Well, I am telling you! :)

The past several years I have eaten vegetarian. On December 22nd, 2006 "I" had a complete revolution. It can be summed up as simple as... I became my core values, inwardly and outwardly. My inner and outer selves combined into one.

My vegetarian diet was an indirect consequence. I choose based mainly on health what to put in to my body, and that comprised of lots of fresh vegetables. Almost every "meat" I encountered was unhealthy and unnecessary.

After further research and personal reflection on my "self of unyielding core values" I decided to toss out meats for its content and nature of production. It is guided economically, unfortunately for our health and morals.

I began, for the first time with any serious effort, questioning our treatment of animals, and the effect this habit has on humanity as a whole.

Proposition: If we could replace our diets with one that did not kill any animals, why not?

Objections seem to be a) taste: I like the taste and texture of meats, b) it's healthy: the nutrition I get from meat is a part of healthy living, c) it's natural: killing other species for food is a natural process, and thus morally acceptable, especially because d) animals have no consciousness of their lives, only instinct and experience, and without consciousness they have no concept of time or wants or desires. With no desires, they are indifferent to whether or not we kill them for food.

(Are there any more objections? Other than e) eating meat is manly.)

All these problems are either inadequate or will be fixed, inevitably pushed forward by science.

Taste and Nutrition: If we could recreate not only taste and texture, but meat's nutritional content, why not make the switch? This has already been achieved. The hold up right now seems to be an economic one. But then this is only an admission that we will eventually switch, and why? Because it is the right thing to do when you have the viable choice. Most of us never realized we do have a choice, because society did not present the option. Our meat loving culture is taken for granted and not questioned, like so many questionable things.

If "economics" is the reason one still eats meat over not, then I ask if that is really an excuse of ignorance or laziness (my food expenses went down, not up) or why in ones morality money plays a more significant role than respect for life?

The day is already here where we have amazing meat substitutes (thanks to science) which are even more healthy than meat -- and this field is continually improving in cost, nutrition, and deliciousness.

The next time you go to the grocery store, purchase "Quorn" chicken and see if you even notice a difference. Or if that is not available look for "Veat" -- these two brands have done a magnificent job, and I think it is worth a taste just to appreciate how far this science has come along.

It all comes down to the concept of c) killing is natural and d)animals are indifferent. Both of which are inadequate.

Killing is Natural: Since humans have a higher awareness than animals, it is wrong to justify human behavior with animal behavior. Example: it is quite normal behavior for a female black widow to eat her male counterpart after sex, but in human behavior this would be bizarre and unthinkable. Just because an animal may kill for food, and just because we used to, does not mean that we necessarily should. This is a decision we must make in this day and age of understanding.

Animals are Indifferent: To say animals don't have feeling or consciousness is ridiculous. Even animals have a type of memory and range of feeling. For us to judge this, or any life, as insignificant because it does not equal our own is misguided. It lacks respect for experience and life. It reeks of our human arrogance... we tend to look at animals and think, "How dumb it is just sitting there doing nothing. It's not thinking at all!" But we fail to appreciate the intricities of their lives. We fail to understand they move at a completely different pace, but even if it is exponentially less than our own, it is still valuable! There is real caring and loss, struggle and joy. There is life happening!

Even if we do eat animals, doesn't it follow that if we value our own experiences and life, when we create life (that has feelings and experiences), we should value it enough to give it a pleasant experience? Our mass production of animals is negative and even abusive. If animals have any range of feeling or experience of enjoyment, it is most certainly is on the lower side. For such higher creatures of consciousness, we treat animals with indifference, even cruelty.

Do animals care? They don't seem to be revolting. If animals don't have wants they would have no response to pleasure-pain. Since they obviously do seek pleasure and avoid pain, just like humans, even if we do eat animals, should their life not be at least pleasant? If that is their only real instinctual want, is their experience not important? If animal experience is unimportant, then our experience must be justified as more than just our pleasure aim.

Do animals know enough to want? The moral dilemma is since an animal cannot decide for itself because it doesn't know enough, is it the obligation of the higher creature to decide for it with what an animal would want?

One common objection is, yes animals respond to pleasure and pain, but they do not have our upward striving for pleasure. They experience pleasure, but do not want for it. The life they lead in captivity may be less pleasurable than a life on the plains, but they do not know enough to care about that difference, or do not feel enough to have that be an important difference in their lives. They do not desire either life more.

But this view is untenable, because it assumes a human perspective is required for there to be any value. It assumes just because an animal may not appreciate in a meta-cognitive way, the distinction between a pleasurable and horrible life, that there is not a distinction. There is!

If you could live 1000 years of either agonizing pain or absolute happiness, but after each scenario lost all memory of those years, would it matter which you choose? You should still say yes, it matters, even though after losing all memory it would not. Why? Because the moment is important, regardless of what one thinks or knows about it. I like eating ice cream, even though it will soon be gone. Animals would never know to know better for themselves, but if they did, they would surely prefer a pleasurable life.

Aside from whether or not our treatment of animals is negative or positive for the animal who either does or does not care, let us simply address the concept of "taking life" -- why, ever? I can give you an infinite # of reasons why not kill, the most important one being it promotes a way of life, a kind of virtue, and respect/reverence for life that is beneficial to all who care, for all who experience life.

We have yet to realize how important and special we are as higher consciousness, and what kind of responsibility this entails. We are the only creatures capable of morality and values, of respecting and loving all life, of extending a helpful compassionate hand to all who even have any slightest experience of "LIFE" -- this magical nature of ours that we come from, that we value. We disgrace our own potential for this.

Another huge reason society eventually will be forced to curb or lessen its meat-consumption is the damage it is doing to our planet. A high percentage of global warming is due to this habit, which is not fundamental in any way, or necessary. In fact, if we replaced all the resources we use to make meat with non-meat substitutes, we could feed the entire world.

In today’s society, it really doesn’t matter. We are not ready on the whole to give up our instinctual pleasure that has bonded with meat. Our ancestral background grew up on this meat, so what right do we have against that? Well, our ancestors also violently killed each other over territory, like animal packs with our tribal groups. Should we not evolve beyond this violence? Even if it is a part of our nature, this is to say, if you believe violence is a part of our nature, it is still in our benefit and rational interest as a higher thinking species to assimilate, or transfigure this instinct into a higher one; in other words, to master it, and not let it master you.

Surely, in the end, our instinct to kill and take life away as opposed to promoting it will be replaced. We are not guided by our material, base instincts any longer. As a whole we are moved by our higher instinct: intelligence, which bred the ability to distinguish between positive and negative values and choose our own self-definition.

It seems as if this is an untimely view in this age, but that’s nothing new for me, and I think any creative soul could at least understand the prospect. I disagree with eating meat, but am not morally vivacious enough to claim immorality on anyone who does.

The truth is, it doesn't matter if you eat meat or not. You "opting out" of the system will not change it at all. The same amount of meat will be produced and consumed. Whether or not you participate is a personal moral choice, so only do what feels best.

You have a choice to 1) Enjoy the freedom the system allows you to eat meat without feeling responsible (because you aren't! It makes no difference on the whole) or 2) Enjoy the personal joy of the moral commitment not to.

That's why I love being a vegetarian, even though I know it makes no actual difference to anyone but me. That's the whole point. To develop values that center around something invisible, intangible -- these things we call principles, virtues, morality -- it exists in the mind, the thought world, and it influences every action and arouses the deepest parts of our soul.

The fundamental moral question is: What do you do when nobody is looking? When it doesn't matter either way? When you have complete and total freedom?

This is the essence of self morality. It is so invisible to people because people rarely see themselves and act on that all-important drive. When it only relates to yourself, when no one is looking but you, when nothing else changes -- if you act on this self, you have discovered virtue, character, self, and morality. Otherwise, you are just following rules.

I am not disagreeable to eating meat in the end. Just the process we currently have, for most, nearly 90% of all meat, is against my core values. On another level, my own thoughts on the morality of this as a societal physician is I see hypocrisy between thoughts and action, and thus, being and action.

Personally, I am not against death, and eating meat as a result. Even cultivating and bringing about life, for the ultimate purpose of continuing our life cycle is a natural process: but life has made it cruel and competitive, to which, we no longer have to be. If an animal's life was pleasant, such a life at all would be better than no life! But respect for our food, what a concept! Right now we are too individual, too egocentric to evolve our awareness beyond our own social programming.

The way we process animals I disagree with under the pretenses of if we were a higher species, but we have yet to grow to that level, so I excuse our ignorance as a condition, a symptom of the times, to which hopefully, our spiritual cure is on the way: spiritual as in that which links our mind and perception with everything around us, one of self-realization of ones relationships with others, the universe, and oneself, finally expressing ourselves with 100% positive actions.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Consciousness: Directing your own Evolution

Consciousness: Directing Your Own Evolution.mp3
3 Minutes 58 Seconds. Read by my UK friend Elizabeth. She's a robot.

by Aaron Matlen

Are you just your body, bound by limits? Or are you consciousness, limitless in potential?

Each moment is an opportunity to reinvent yourself, reinforce the positive, and transform the negative.

Our mind is more complex and special than any other combination of matter. You are consciousness, dancing within a growing network of experience, beliefs, thoughts, and emotions. Respect yourself. You experience within what you have created for yourself, what is in your mind, so create a beautiful world.

Reality and emotion are not the enemy. There is no "counter" to your world, reality cannot negate you. The beautiful world you create is you, which is your relationship to everything. The truth is still the truth, emotions are still emotions, but you can be anything.

There is a mind beyond the surface level of momentary experience composed of the structure of beliefs and dominating emotional perspectives that discovers what truly influences conscious experience. Lets call this the "Natural Mind." It is your inclinations before experience.

By using consciousness with this higher awareness of your influences, you can create an overall structure of mind, or Natural Mind, (beliefs, emotional perspective, values) that is conducive to conscious experience. In other words, a mind that naturally minimizes suffering and maximizes joy. Your natural mind works for you instead of against! Tempts not! Promotes your values and positive emotions as a natural inclination!

To enjoy a moment to the detriment of your overall self is a mind in negation. It puts you at odds with yourself by believing you are momentary consciousness. It is not just what is good for this moment that matters, but what is good for improving all moments.

We only "experience" through consciousness, but our whole mind is more than that. One part of you is this fleeting conscious experience, but that experience is transformed and digested by your natural mind, the abyss all thoughts/emotions are sucked in to. Experience is turned into thoughts/feelings about yourself, thoughts/feelings about your experience, which are influenced by the overall mind structure. What "you" are is this entire thinking reaction, not just your conscious experience. Conscious experience is your ego: "what you think you are."

You are deeper than the experience of "consciousness" at any one point. You are not a moment. You are an entire world of interconnected thought. Negativity cannot touch you, for no emotion or experience is bigger than you are. It is only one part of you, to be digested. Thus there is no need to force the world to be good or eliminate emotions or deny anything.

Having a positive nature (predisposition towards positive) exists on a different level than what "truth" is or the spectrum of emotions we experience. You will still feel everything as you do now, but your reaction to it, how you "digest" it will change. Thus transforming the emotion you're experiencing, adding new value.

What you are today is an immense depth. More vast than any ocean, yet only able to convey this depth through the funnel of the body within the competitive network of reality. We feel small when we judge ourselves by our affect in reality. By the impression we "see" ourselves making. But the impression you make on reality is the infinite depth within you, which is every bit as true as what you see. You are never small.

What could you possibly deliver to life that is not ten trillion times smaller than what you already are inside? With that in mind, there is also no limit to how much you can change reality and others with such depth.

It truly is amazing the freedom consciousness has to be the director of its own evolution. Most people do not keep their full self in perspective and live moment by moment. There is a such an infinite divisibility of conscious experience, it is easy to get lost in it. But deep down we are all bonded by this spectrum of emotions and beliefs we hold collectively. Inside yourself, you are bonded to such beliefs and emotions. Recognize this aspect as also the real you and let conscious experience become it. Let consciousness be selfish for your beliefs/emotions, not your ego.

We Are Never Truly Ourselves Until We Are At Pause

At Pause.mp3
1 Minute 31 Seconds. Read by Elizabeth, my UK robot friend.

by Aaron Matlen

We are never truly ourselves until we are at pause. All too often we get caught up in the pace of emotional moments and forget who and what we are about. Of course we then act irrationally. It is only when one sits down and truly reflects that one reaches their true self, their clarity, their character.

When it comes down to it, we all get caught up in emotional moments and it seems to make what we discover 'at pause' silly. We spend all this time in reflection coming to what rationally we would have ourselves believe and be, but inevitably are brought back into the reality of drama, emotion, and irrationality.

Life is full of tense moments that cloud reason, and we do not always think before we speak or act -- do we always mean every word, do we always mean every action? No, because life is not so cool and calm and reasonable.

It is only when one is at pause and considers their actions and thoughts that they find who and what they are about. This is a state of reflection and requires deeper thought that sometimes gets lost in the moment, but its value does not disappear. For when one reflects on an irrational action and finds, "Hey, this is really not me," they have shown their reflective self is one deeper than their self-of-the-moment.

It is easy to get caught up in the moment, to speak before thinking, to share an incomplete thought -- but it is not the real you. The real you is at the core of a deep reflection, reason, and love. The world would be a different place if we all put ourselves together 'at pause' and realized 'it is only then that I truly find myself, it is only then may I be judged.'

Destruction of Ego, Creation of the Infinite Self

Destruction of Ego, Creation of the Infinite Self.mp3
10 Minutes 36 Seconds. As read by my robot pal Elizabeth from the UK

by Aaron Matlen

Each layer of self has its place and purpose, its value and reason for being. I believe our ego, our oh so human self, is like a bridge. To start with what Nietzsche said, "What is beautiful in man is that he is a bridge to transcendence."

I was talking with a close friend the other day and we started to make up “On a scale of 1 to 10” questions. After thinking a while I asked, “On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 = completely nonattached, 10 = completely affected and feeling as deeply as possible, how much does life affect you?”

I thought about that... and I realize my answer is both 1 and 10. To be completely attached and nonattached at the same time – that is my core philosophy. It seems like a contradiction or impossible to limited conceptions of the self. It may even be disagreeable outright – would you rather be 5? Is that the true middle-way? The true middle way is not a dulling nature or anemic to life – it must not be settling or only valuable as a balancer – it has value of its own, self-sufficient value, divine value.

What is it like to be at 1 and 10 all the time? And how is it possible?

My core philosophy is centered on the Infinite Self. I wrote it down as a book name and created chapter titles of ideas to support it (from philosophy, psychology, physics) when I was 18. I thought, “for another day!” And I still do.

It is only with this conception of oneself (towards infinite, inclination upwards) that we may transcend our typical egoistic, limited, singular conception of ourselves. We open ourselves to the plurality of feeling through the vehicle of nonattachment. We are now able to affirm multiple and fully at the core of nonattachment – realizing the empty-nature, the god-nature – provides the base of freedom to truly feel and expand with no limits holding you back.

What is your infinite self? It is best to start out with the normal conception we have of self. Our ego-self. We are born into this limited conception of awareness. We first realize we are separate from everything else – the concept “self” is created with the “other”(all reality) we stand in relation with. This construction typically stays with us, and makes sense to us in a conventional way. This is how we understand people. But is that our true potential; is that the reality of our minds? Are we limited creations, or is the realm of our personality, possibility and thought far greater?

Too often we underestimate ourselves. But take solace in the human beings that came before you who have achieved such amazing states of transcendence. The religious and spiritual leaders who caught onto a “way of being” and transformed themselves and others! With today’s understanding we can see how and what these people are doing to unlock that deeper aspect to themselves, higher consciousness, the infinite self.

There is a connection between the conscious and subconscious mind that is key to unlocking our higher consciousness.

There is often a question here – why would I even want this higher consciousness? Is this even attainable? It reflects a skeptical feeling, a lack of belief, a lack of faith that will immediately stop any possibility of it happening. This feeling of rejection is what we all start with, but we must not take it seriously, and slowly move towards affirming and fully believing through the subconscious training provided by our active conscious effort. The whole point is to be in a state of affirmation, not negation.

The one "impossible" thing I strive for is Enlightenment. I started on the journey at 13, and it is my deepest life goal. I feel like it involves unlocking some connection between my consciousness and collective unconsciousness – I want to become whole, at one with everything. I may never reach Enlightenment, but having it as the ultimate goal suits me, fulfills me, makes me search and strive for better with such joy, faith, and strength.

As far as the 1 and 10, Attached Nonattachment -- I strive for that all the time, and at this point would say I have it attained. It is pure peace in the affirmation of all life.

How is it attained?

It is all about transcendence. This is not an easy concept to wrap one’s head around. Physically, imagine the conscious meeting the collective unconscious. We connect with a deeper part of ourselves in a sense transcending the “consciousness” we start with – our limited ego conception of self.

Attached nonattachment requires a plurality of affirmation that can only take place in an infinite conception of self, which requires we transcend the limited ego self most of us create and believe in.

To attain this "deconstruction of the ego self" and "promotion of the infinite self" it requires a complete way of being or lifestyle that transforms the mind (the structure) by breaking apart the current structure (limited conception of ego and self) and revealing a higher nature (transcendent of self-nature, revealing all-nature, God, higher consciousness).

It seems like a contradiction to transform the structure of ones mind by eliminating structure, but that is the case. With the complete destruction of the limited conceptions of self, there is also a creation, as is the nature of the universe. The opposite, infinite conception is created, and in relation to all our emotions and drives, this we call God.

There must be “emptiness” of Mind for god consciousness to arise. This is because the ego-self (consciousness) limits and stops the revealing of this nature – one must effectively eliminate their first consciousness in order to arrive at their deeper subconscious connection. It is about transcending our original ego-consciousness by slowly destroying it, while creating a new way of being and processing, establishing rules in the brain of our infinite, expanding, no limit nature. The conception of the infinite self, in harmony with everything, feeling completely and completely nonattached to do so.

One must train their mind so it shapes in a way that can receive transcendent consciousness. The transcendent nature cannot enter a mind corrupted by self-nature, as the belief in self-natures inherently creates limits through the construction of difference and form.

We must understand the all-nature as having no difference or bias, as those are limitations and creations. The all-nature is formless, infinite, and perfect. It is the realm, if you will, of nonattachment -- not because we have nothing or strive for nothing, but because there is no desire as everything is attained. It is the total feeling of attainment, affirmation, perfection, and can ONLY come through a transcending of self.

For the self is limited! created by its desires and wants! its stretched out hopes and needs! it is a state of suffering. What the ego-self that "attaches to things and calls itself independent" is doing is putting a separate value in itself, in its experience, against the things that happen, rejecting the moments it is attached to -- the effect? It is detaching itself from the interconnectedness of life, biasing itself, limiting itself. By becoming the infinite self-nature, there is no striving, no hurt or loss when this ego-self is feeling or experiencing, everything is an expression of our infinite self, beyond good and evil, beyond limitations and dualisms and judgments created by the ego and attachment.

We become our higher consciousness by unlocking it. We realize so clearly that what the self actually appreciates is not itself, but life, and through life (experience), itself.

There is not 'nothing' after eliminating the self, in getting rid of construction, form, thought, and what we call knowledge. Knowledge is always accessible even if we get rid of attaching personally to it. I mean -- do you have to be CONSCIOUSLY aware of your name to know your name? It is already in your subconscious, you know it. As such, there is no need for thought or division as everything we already know and are is "known" and "accessible" in this state of no-self. When circumstance calls for knowledge it arises, -- consciousness is actually slower to process it; our ego self gets in the way of real genius! -- but it is the life dynamic that plays on the ego dynamic that causes the knowledge to arise from you, the infinite self.

What is there after no-self is attained? In the total acceptance of the infinite, of no limitations, of the formless reality (inside our minds) we create a dynamic of affirmation, of expression, of expansion, of limitless everything. We can take things beyond their limits, and that is what is there: awareness of everything as infinite, effortless, and possible. It's very much like faith. The effect is a total transformation of mind that makes every moment valuable, beautiful, wonderful, effortless, and part of the infinite possibility that is always expressing itself that we are now aware of with open eyes, FEELING it happen because we are connected beyond our ego-self, into our subconscious self, the one truly in harmony with the universal ebb and flow. That's my take.

Our own personal mission is to simply get rid of all the barriers to this higher consciousness -- and that means breaking down our conception of self, and our way of experiencing the self. The rest just comes naturally. Over time, experience shapes the mind. Experience consists of our conscious reaction to events, our conscious processing, and is influenced by all our subconscious. Through the active effort of consciousness we can train our minds to process in ways that produce happiness, love, God, or the way of being we need to transcend our own ego. Any of these things, all of these things can be striven for at the same time, and should be. There is not limit to what we can achieve in the infinite world of thought.

It has taken all my life experiences to learn what to do inwardly with my emotions, thoughts, reasons, and beliefs to promote such a way of being.. and it is a way of being, a complete lifestyle, philosophy, belief system that structures ones mind by strengthening this way of being as the main dynamic.

Over time, experience will accumulate this sort of spiritual energy you unlock in yourself... almost sheer will that builds up. It is most likely a connection with our subconscious, our "collective unconscious" that allows for this mental energy to be unlocked where it was otherwise not being used. And that's what makes it so desirable. We are completing ourselves, making ourselves whole by connecting with this deeper part of ourselves. it's a whole new FEELING by way of experiencing life at a higher level of consciousness -- one transcendent of the social, political, emotional, or rational problems of mankind. It's sort of beautiful to not think of ourselves as the "highest good in the universe" but to humbly accept that there is greater than our trivial problems, and not only that, but that we as humans are connected to this source, to that greater understanding and higher good than ourselves, and thus through that transcendence of ourselves, we become our best possible selves. – Which coincidentally does not attach to a self, it just is.

Striving for Insanity

5 Minutes 9 Seconds. Read by my UK robot friend Elizabeth.

by Aaron Matlen

Unfortunately in this world, striving to be insane is the only way to meet one's full potential. For what does it mean to be insane, except to be regarded as such? Galileo, Copernicus, Jesus, any person who seriously challenged the status quo has been considered insane.

What does the majority think? All over, from all people, I meet unrelenting negativity of the heart, a social acceptance of mediocre at best, an expectation of failure at worst. Yet we want to hope. We want real change, we just want someone else to do it for us. In the end, no politician can save the world, only inspire. Inspiration in its raw form is simply passion, energy to be molded for the greater good.

The negativity of this world: ideological murder, sectarian bloodshed, civil rights abuses, preventable starvation, poverty, and disease, all caused by our lust for money and power, belief in ignorance as a virtue, misplaced hate, repressed anger and fear, separation and discrimination between races, nations, religions, creeds, and ultimately the acceptance of all this, is to me, unacceptable!

There is no societal option to follow the higher path in life. "What an optimistic fool." "That's not going to make you any money!" are these your best responses? Go ahead call me insane, but I do not want a decent life if this world and humanity pays the price. The world in its current state of affairs is a tragedy! It NEEDS US. It needs everyone, and I'd rather have a difficult, challenging life devoted to a worthy cause than materialistic sleep walking and self-centered paradise.

The rejection, negativity, and numbness to do anything slowly takes over ones mind, over years of constant practice... soon ones optimism, limits of potential, and striving for a better world becomes a faint echo in a past self, forgotten... but not lost. Do we lose all faith after youth? I accept that it becomes harder to remain positive and "youthful" in the face of life, its currents and its struggles. But I refuse to accept it is impossible, necessary, or any force that should get in MY way. We burn more passionately than oil and fire, we are the center of stars, the heart of consciousness.

I understand what happens to MOST people... we get caught up in life, inevitably swept along the currents of the river of life. Our job, rent, food, kids, their eduction, family, friends, material wants, our home, and what we call our future, retirement, back up fund, medical, car, personal care products, entertainment... these things are not a choice, but a condition we find ourselves trapped in.

In most people's lifetimes they never look outside of the box they were born into. Our society, the ideals that sculpted you, these are self-imposed limits, ones you most likely believe. You believe this is the only way we should live, the only way you can make it. This is not true.

There is nothing logically BINDING about our situation. This is a statistic, a probability, which means room for error, room for outliers -- and I for one am that outlier! I for one believe we all will be outliers compared to the median of current society.

To be happy and fulfilled all the time, to give everything you are to others, to be unrelentingly positive, dynamic, intelligent, awesome -- to be your super hero self - to cultivate the raw passionate fire of life that burns inside you -- you call this impossible? You call this insanity!? I call the world INSANE! Anything logically possible, I can and will do! So many forget our limits... our limits are far-reaching, nearly infinite in potential. If not alone, by amassing others of infinite worth, ANYTHING TRULY IS POSSIBLE. The power of this world is yet untapped.

For this new bar, this different level of being rarely attained... this is our destiny, our future, inevitable. I'd rather be a pre-born, insane in this world, than to negate that this is possible. I'd rather face being insane to all, just to try. The gravity is too serious to ignore, technology is sweeping us forward at exponential rates, and consciousness must keep up, even stay ahead.

If my level of happiness will typically level out... why do I strive to be happy above all else? Why not struggle for that which is worthy? Deeper satisfaction replaces jubilation. Peace and bliss in action is nonattached attachment in everything you do.

The end goal is not idleness. The path to higher levels of peace and awareness come not from idle meditation, but nonattachment in action. To feel and yet be above the feeling, To know and yet be above the knowing, To experience yet be beyond the experience, what State of Consciousness is this? It is the universal consciousness, beyond individual self, to whom you sacrifice all action for. It leads to thinking about everyone, always. Compassionate, always. To be nonattached and attached, feeling and thinking, and yet feeling each feeling and each thought on another, wider perspective, a wider scope. The one continuous, never ending, universal awareness -- almost... nothingness to all others who are stuck within ego and self... almost... insane to all those caught in the web of the status quo. This is what I will not yield. This is what I will become.

Preparing for Everything

Preparing For Everything.mp3
2 Minutes 11 Seconds. Read by UK robot Elizabeth.

by Aaron Matlen

Each day new experiences come our way. How can we prepare for...

... love and loss,
... pain and disease,
... death and decay,
... accidents and unpredictability,
... financial stability and the struggle to find happiness in work/love/self?

Natural emotions that accompany our lives...

... guilt and shame,
... apathy and depression,
... fear and desire,
... anger and pride?

...the list goes on and on and on.

How can one possibly be prepared? The truth is you can't. There is no way to prepare for everything. By networking with each other like we have, we increase our chances of being prepared. So make connections. To your family, your friends, the new people you will meet. As a whole, we are very prepared, but not of course, for everything. But we take life as it comes. We are evolved to be adaptable. Intelligence has made us the most adaptable form of life we know of.

The mind adapts to context and feelings eventually emerge. I have a suspicion most of our emotions are socially evolved. At least emotions became more intense as they were better defined and felt conditional to others. We need others to see our good or bad works to feel pride or shame.

We tend to tie up our emotions making all things conditional and dualistic. Love is wonderful until its gone, then it becomes horrible. When all our best ideals are tied up with our lowest values, instincts, and emotions, does this negate our best ideals? When love is tied with fear, is love worth it? Why is there fear? Is fear necessary to love? Is there a way out of dualism and the connection between good/bad? In a word: yes.

The way out is to untie the knot of dualism, to make unconditional our highest ideals -- to make them self-evident and universally affirmed. In every situation -- even the loss of love -- we must reconnect with love. If love is lost, then the longing for lost love is the remembrance of a joy so great that it returns you to joy, even in sadness. A plurality of feeling, a multiplication, a transformation. Feel on many levels. Untie the knot of dualism not by negating or separating, but by tying the two dualistic traits back together in a higher expression.

Metamorphosis of Self

Metamorphosis of Self.mp3
5 Minutes 39 Seconds. Read by UK robot Elizabeth.

by Aaron Matlen

Metamorphosis takes place all around us. Molecules are constantly interacting and transforming; things are turning into other things.

The four stages of transformation all things go through are birth, growth, flourishing or maturation, and death.

The most important stage to focus on is growth to maturation (or flourishing). What is the goal or most flourishing period of a thing? I often ask this question. When applied to human beings, what is our growth to maturation within consciousness?

Consciousness can rapidly alter its structure and perception. There are sudden and transformative changes within consciousness. There is an art to metamorphosis of self.

Consciousness is not solid like a physical object, but made up of dynamically moving information systems which are "alive" in a sense.

Dynamically moving information systems (DIS) are perspectives from which you view the world, in essence, personalities that depend on certain “information systems” you have developed in your mind since childhood.

We have many dynamic information systems, such as how we are among friends, compared to family, compared to the rest of society.

Often the immature dynamic systems that developed during childhood or traumatic experiences continue to influence a person greatly and are never matured.

Within every immature dynamic is its potential, its "lesson to be learned" -- and will always exist until fulfilled.

Most people don't ever take the time to mature thought processes or emotions. Beliefs and immature emotional expressions carry on into adulthood and affect thinking.

What Are Some Solutions?

Talking to your self. You can track the dynamic information systems within your mind by communicating with them. Ask questions that discover why this information system "feels or acts" the way it does -- what is its deepest desire, and when has it expressed itself in your life?

You can go on a voyage along the shores of your most potent memories and track where perspectives or ways of dealing with things began.

When you have an outburst that you'd call childish, reflect, and trace your history to when thoughts like that happened before, and where they started.

Finding the source is the key. Then ask questions of that source and ultimately try to find what it really wants. What is its true intention?

Often irrational perspectives of anger, apathy, and so forth are not ends in themselves, but immature ways of dealing with an unfulfilled need for love or attention, for example.

It is easier to communicate with these dynamic systems if you imagine them as your self, in some state of mind, perhaps you in the past in a strong memory when you felt that way. "My ten year old crying self.."

By speaking with love to immature perspectives, or past memory selves, we can guide the process of unfolding their potential lesson.

It takes asking the intention and discovering what is the positive need or want.

Tracking where it came about and finding specific memories that affect you.

Asking if it has been effective in getting what it wants and untying the knots with communication.

Then find another guide, another dynamic system of the mind that wants to teach and mature this one... something will naturally arise, some figure or person you respect perhaps. Just focus your attention on bringing this about and your subconscious will deliver.

Through this guide you create a new perspective that satisfies what the immature perspective's true intention was.

By now you should have an image or memory where this dynamic system was very alive.

Now create a concrete image of a guide to help with this problem. Next, create the concrete imagery for the new perspective, such as a flower.

These mental exercises greatly facilitate maturation, for consciousness is naturally self-organizing, you just must give it direction and metaphor.

Introduce the flower to the old perspective and ask if it would like to become this new form, and if there is understanding of what this change means.

At first you may feel rejection, but with explanation, acceptance, and love the old perspective is absorbed, transformed into the new one, and people often feel a rush of relief.

A real physical change has occurred in the dynamic interaction of systems within the mind. The work is not over though, for follow up is required.

The guide you imagined must promise to help mature this perspective and be there every time it comes about to keep it in check.

Immature or "growth" stages within human consciousness are what I call our negative and irrational instincts and thought patterns. These form within childhood and are not rational or necessary, but perpetuated anyway by society. These include shame, guilt, apathy, grief, fear, desire, anger, and pride.

A matured consciousness is one that unfolds the lessons of these perspectives and emotions by transforming them with love, joy, reason, and acceptance. This is what is natural to consciousness, this is what our flourishing is. Problem-solving exists in the peaceful awareness with your greatest conception of self, the self beyond what you are, your Full Potential.

In summation, The self is not solid. It is holographic and dynamic, made of systems where one change of structure can affect and alter the whole. We can always seek wisdom by communicating with our self in ways that project our greatest intelligence or values or virtues, in guides on the holodynamic plane of consciousness -- the thought world. Transformations are happening all around and even inside us. What does it mean for consciousness to transform? Where are you in your growth to maturation? By simply focusing awareness on immature dynamics we can take advantage of the universal nature of birth of new ideas, death of old ones, growth from new experience, and maturation of experience to wisdom. One should always ask the question, "is this thought in its matured form? is this world? is this emotion? what is the true potential?"

Negative Judgments

Negative Judgments.mp3
2 Minutes 58 Seconds. Read by Elizabeth the UK Robot

by Aaron Matlen

As a symptomologist of society, I see a lot of negativity created in the judgments people make against each other. We must respect individuals, and most of our judgments don't. We constantly make instant judgments about people based solely on tiny impressions we have about a person we don't know. The truth is, we don't know anyone else perfectly, their reasons or influences why, and our attempt at judging them based on our evaluation, our impression of them, is very naive and ego-centric to say the least.

Our judgments about a person may be bad or good, but this does not need to devalue them, and we must not include just devaluations in our value system. They are not a bad person because we have a negative view towards them -- that is respecting ourselves in having an opinion -- but in that opinion we have, need we really devalue this person? It is ego-centric to say we truly know this person, and can we hardly empathize with his or her condition? We cannot, and from our humble viewpoint, should we not give the benefit of the doubt, if at least to promote the ideal of hope? And why not, in the spirit of understanding and good will, spread love towards those in a tough, negative condition, instead of perpetuate the system with more hate? I realize this is all advanced thinking, Morals 303, but it really is a simple way of being. One that doesn't include the negative, that uses conscious force and effort to curb our desires into a state of love and understanding, towards ourselves and others, in the hope that the changes we inspire in others are positive.

Going backwards to society-as-it-is-now: What kind of system is it that condemns and keeps down, spreading negativity, compared to one that inspires and encourages without feeding negativity?

Judgments can be good, but often they are used to condemn, to look down upon, to spread negativity wherever truth must be slapped across one's face. There is a line that judgment cannot cross, and that is respect of the individual.

What are these judgments based on? Ego-centric viewpoints; "I believe this, and you don't," or ignorance claims, "How could you not know that?" as if it is avoidable and makes you stupid not to know, or value judgments, "You believe differently, you are wrong, I am right," and what does all this accomplish?

We all can agree it is good to have values and to stand by them, but what values are those that devalue others? This kind of negativity has nothing to do with your personal values, but your desire to control or negate others. It is a shame that so many value systems have within them the desire and will to devalue others, instead of lead them into their goodness. Why all this talk of negation? It seems I must necessarily dig out the positive held within each value system, for itself is too preoccupied with the negatives.

haha, it seems like a negative note about the struggle of the positive. but really there is just so much good out there, it may seem like I am frustrated trying to convey it.. it's the effect of too much good intention condensing into a tiny funnel, that funnel being reality.

I Am Not A Rock!

I Am Not A Rock.mp3
2 Minutes 54 Seconds. As read by my lovely UK robot friend "Elizabeth"

by Aaron Matlen

It really is amazing how one simple change in thought can accomplish so much. Yesterday I realized how busy I was, and how this has been affecting the way I live. My place became a little unorganized, and several simple tasks lay incomplete. It's not like I didn't have the time, but my larger tasks cast a shadow of inaction over my smaller tasks -- I would catch myself wasting time; procrastinating, focusing on unimportant details, social lifestyle, or rethinking/trying for one task even though I'd done all I could at the time, and just had to wait. I felt plagued by a feeling of inaction, as if I was a rock thrown in the wrong direction, trying to counteract its momentum.

Then, I realized... I am not a rock! I can change my direction. My mental direction. And poof, with one simple change in thought, I realized what control I have over my momentum of actions, thought a little smarter, got past mental blocks, and just did what I needed to do. It reminded me of my favorite quote from Amelia Earhart, "The best way to do it, is to do it." I got all my tasks done easily, and clearly laid out certain values, goals, and ways of living that I should be following. So it was done, and I feel better.

Over time we can accomplish so damn much. I mean think about it, given time and a certain amount of effort or thinking within that time, say even just one year, we can do so many things! With our bodies, say -- you want to change by working out -- what could you do with one consistent year of it? My god, a lot. More than we realize. It's the same way for our intelligence, our skills, our work situation, our life itself. We can change things around because each moment in life matters -- each second really does work to create us, to create something that influences us. A moment. Right now. Time passing. Each experience connects you to the overall picture we should imagine ourselves as. Our 'self across the dimensions of time' as felt and experienced by consciousness.. this is influenced and created by every single moment we exist.

It's funny. When you think about it, we waste SO much time inbetween everything we do. We waste so much potential energy by not being at our full potential, or at least not striving towards that direction. We have little conception of how we are being influenced in every moment, and hardly feel up to taking the reigns on the totality of our lives... I understand, to a degree -- we enjoy spontaneity, adventure, and things happening to us -- it excites us, stimulates us, and lets us believe in another power at works guiding things to happen to us... haha, but you are the greatest power of all. Why waste so much time on unproductive, meaningless ends -- the ends life often throws at us -- and choose to follow the path that you want to, to better yourself, instead of letting the chips fall where they may. There is so much spontaneity, adventure, and unexpected turns within your own mind, your own choices on how to live your life, on how you want to be -- so explore yourself! Let your hand guide the artistic strokes of your life, influenced, inspired by, or reinforced by your beliefs -- your god -- nature -- or the way things must be: necessity and chance.